The future of an untouched grain

The controlled and transparent origin of our barley is very important to us. In accordance with our brewery partner, we carry out high-quality management for each grain.

Once the carbohydrates are removed, we upcycle the barley to unlock its untapped potential of valuable proteins and fibers.

Barley helps us reduce dependence on other plant-based alternatives such as soy or pea, while also protecting the planet. Our environmentally friendly production methods do not require any additional agricultural land or water, and reduce the CO2 footprint by 60%, allowing us to make the most of every resource.

Benefits for your product applications

All the benefits of barley – just better.

  • Easy integration into your product
  • Nutri-score improvement
  • Enhanced protein and fiber profile
  • 60% lower environmental impact

«Based on study by REFFNET, 2023»

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