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Sustainable Upcycling –
The Power of Circularity

What we do

Reintroducing barley to the food industry

Our innovative solution transforms side streams of the brewing industry into valuable raw materials to supply the ever-growing demand for healthy and sustainable plant-based alternatives.

In other words, we save barley grains from the brewing process to produce protein and fiber products for a wide variety of applications in the food industry. This promotes the transition towards a sustainable and circular food economy.


Balance through resource efficiency

At Sustainable Ingredients, we strive for a world in which food waste and pollution is minimized. Our upcycling technology enables us to produce with a 60% lower environmental impact than conventional alternatives such as soy or pea protein.

Our unique mechanical separation and drying process handles the barley with care to extract all valuable properties. Our gentle, efficient, and eco-friendly methods valorize residuals into usable goods at an unparalleled standard.

Our Products

Swiss Made - Swiss Quality

Barley Protein

Protein content of 45% with a pleasant neutral taste.

Barley Fiber

Fiber concentration of 70%, highly functional and water-binding.

Barley Flour

Protein and fiber-rich flour with a minimum of carbohydrates.


Value through network

«Thanks to the partnership with Sustainable Ingredients, we will be the first brewery in Europe or even the world to turn 100% of its side-streams into food.»

Karl Locher – Owner of Brauerei Locher (Appenzeller Bier)

«Locally produced food that closes loops will become increasingly important in the future. Sustainable Ingredients' products enable environmentally conscious consumers to eat sustainably and healthily at the same time.»

Dr. Sc. ETH Michel Roux – Expert in Agri-Food Sector

«Health and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and Sustainable Ingredients’ powders prove just that. They boost the nutritional values in various food applications while protecting the planet – it’s a win-win situation.»

Prof. Dr. Sc. ETH Nadina Müller – Head of Food Technology Research Group, ZHAW

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